o Serve as a private investigator for United Methodist Family Services, Northern Virginia in support of efforts to reunite families.

Federal Contract Compliance
o Advised for contract compliance to CEO and COOs contracted to build the $13.0 billion CAT (the largest infrastructure project financed by US Department of Transportation in the world) and the $200 million U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Demo-Disposition Project. Guided and reviewed preliminary operational audits to ensure that contractors adhered to the terms and conditions of their contracts.

Federal Program Review Consultant
o  Evaluated and scored more than 33 grant applications in response to federal requests for proposals under the Carol M. White Program and/or the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Programs.

Accreditation Peer Reviewer
o Evaluated applications of educational institutions applying for national recognition. Analyzed, evaluated and made advisement to the following programs: FY 2008, City College of New York and the University of Guam; FY 2009; Capella University, FY 2010, University of Arkansas and the University of Delaware; FY 2011- Coastal Carolina University, Sacred Heart University, and University of Vermont and FY 2012, Purdue University, Southern University A&M, University of Rio Grande, and Coastal Carolina University (response to conditions).

International Research and Database Consultant
o Designed surveys. Analyzed the Latin American foreign market conditions with quantitative analysis and personal investigative interviews with foreign contacts. Devised international strategies identified foreign points of contact and presented recommendations with formal reports. Interviewed government and business leaders. Developed matrices based on legal, economic, financial, regulatory, taxation, and competitive issues. Held written, verbal and reading competencies in Portuguese.

o Advised on European targets for reverse foreign investments to the US based upon a collection of financial data, research of international business literature, annual reports and electronic databases. Summarized historical foreign investments of targets. Designed phone surveys, conducted telemarketing studies in the German language and prepared reports detailing industry sector interest, economic outlook, and propensity to invest in the US.

Education and Funding Consultant
o Accomplishment: Led the introduction and expansion of a statewide project from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, DC and Aruba, Dutch Caribbean. Secured national co-sponsors, the National Crime Prevention Council and the National Coalition of Girl's Schools. Facilitated relationships with stakeholders.

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